Summer Pyha Luosto Horse Tour
🕖 2 hours

One-hour Horse Riding Tour in Summer

Ride your own horse through the Lappish forests and rocky trail in the Pyhä-Luosto national park area. Perfect experience for your summer holidays!
Snowshoeing amethyst mine luosto
🕖 4 hours

Snowshoe Tour to the Luosto Amethyst Mine

Snowshoe through Pyhä-Luosto national park to the amethyst mine of Luosto. Visit the mine, dig the soil and find your own gem!
Fly fishing Lapland
🕖 4h00

Fly & Spin Fishing in Wild Lapland Rivers

Enjoy a great fishing session in the wild white rivers of Lapland, convenient for all levels. Fly fishing or spin fishing possible.
Husky Safari Pyhä Luosto
🕖 2h30

Visit an Ethical Husky Kennel with Husky Safari (10 km)

Visit a family-sized husky farm, meet the mushers with their lovely dogs and enjoy a long 10km husky sleigh safari. Departure from Pyhä or Luosto.
Classic Fatbike Pyha Luosto
🕖 2 hours

Classic Fatbike Tour to Pyhä-Luosto National Park

With your guide, enjoy a fatbike trip into Pyhä-Luosto national park. A great cycling tour on snowy trails through the old Lapland forests.
Sauna Pyhä
🕖 3 hours

Authentic Sauna with Dinner

Enjoy a very local evening! Relax in an authentic Finnish sauna, with swimming in the lake. After sauna, you will be served a delicious dinner. Yummy!
Pyhä Luosto snowshoe trip
🕖 4 hours

Snowshoe Trip in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

Snowshoeing is a great way to experience Pyhä Luosto fell’s wilderness, enjoy the fresh and clean air and get some exercise.
Fatbike Pyha Luosto
🕖 2 hours

Electric Fatbike Tour to Pyhä-Luosto National Park

Hop on the electric fatbike and explore the Pyhä-Luosto national park. Once-in-a-lifetime cycling tour in the picturesque Arctic forests!
Ice fishing experience pyhä luosto national park winter
🕖 2h00

Ice fishing experience

During the ice fishing trip, your experienced guide will take you to frozen lake in Pyhä Luosto and teach you the secrets of ice-fishing.
Husky Safari Pyhä Luosto
🕖 1h30

Visit an Ethical Husky Kennel with Husky Safari (5km)

Visit a family-sized husky farm, meet the mushers with their lovely dogs and enjoy a 5km husky sleigh safari. Departure from Pyhä or Luosto.
Pyha Luosto Horse Activity
🕖 2 hours

One-hour Horseback Riding Tour in the Snow

Experience Lapland wintery landscapes with this memorable horse riding tour. The activity takes you to beautiful forests and a frozen lake.
Pyhä lake canoe tour
🕖 2h30

Canoe Tour on the Pyhäjärvi Lake

Enjoy a relaxing half-day paddling experience with this guided canoe tour on the lake Pyhäjärvi in Pyhä. Kayaks are also available instead of open canoes.


Korououma Canyon Winter
🕖 2 Days

2-Day Snowshoeing exploring Korouoma Canyon & Frozen Waterfalls

Explore most of Korouoma canyon, its deep nature and frozen waterfalls, with a 2-day snowshoe trek and overnight in a wilderness hut.
Expedition Lapland ski
🕖 4 Days

Ski Expedition in Lapland (4 Days)

Explore a national park of Lapland with this great ski trek! Your outdoor guide will lead you on a 4-day expedition into the wild for a memorable Arctic adventure!
Rovaniemi October November package
🕖 5 Days

Autumn Holiday Package in Rovaniemi (October – November)

Lapland has a lot to offer in October and November, even without snow. The pre-winter season is a great period to escape from the crowd and enjoy nature in its
Wilderness Cottage Lapland
🕖 2 Days

Ski Adventure with Overnight in a Wilderness Cottage & Sauna

Enjoy a unique forest ski experience with this 1-day / 1-night trip to a traditional cottage lost in the middle of Lapland nature.
Pyha Luosto Winter
🕖3 Days

Ski Trekking Expedition in Pyhä-Luosto National Park (3 Days)

Ski accross the National Park of Pyhä-Luosto and its picturesque fells with a memorable 3-day trek. Overnights in wilderness cabin or camps.
Guide français Rovaniemi Laponie
🕖 7 Days

Winter Trip from Rovaniemi to Tromsø

A great winter trip from Rovaniemi to Tromsø, to explore the beautiful snowy scenery of Lapland and experience various safaris on the way!
Winter journey from Rovaniemi to Ivalo  (6 days)
🕖 6 Days

Winter journey from Rovaniemi to Ivalo (6 days)

Enjoy a great winter trip in Lapland! From Rovaniemi to Ivalo, your guide will show you the best of Lapland as you experience many activities on the way!
Northern lights in Ivalo
🕖 6 Days

Winter Holiday Package in Rovaniemi

Enjoy a great Winter holiday package in Rovaniemi! It includes a program of winter activities and a large choice of hotels for all budgets.
Arctic Circle Hiking Area
🕖 2 days

DIY Arctic Circle Hike

Enjoy our most flexible and customisable experience in the beautiful Arctic nature - our individual hike from Rovaniemi!
Snowy nature Finland
🕖 3 Days

3 Nature Parks Trip from Rovaniemi (3 Days)

Get ready for a great nature trip from Rovaniemi! Enjoy many nature-friendly activities and explore three protected nature areas in Lapland!
Canoe camping in Lapland
🕖 2 Days

Canoe Adventure with Overnight Camping (2 Days, 1 Night)

Experience a full adventure in Lapland with this 2-day canoe trip! With your certified guide, you will steer your own canoe on peaceful waters to explore pure nature!
E-fatbike riding in the fall in Rovaniemi
🕖 3 Days

Summer Sports & Outdoor Activities in Rovaniemi (3 Days)

This package offers a sport & outdoor summer holiday in Rovaniemi. The program includes canoeing, hiking, packrafting, horse-riding, fatbiking and sauna...
Finnish forest landscape from the independent hike from Rovaniemi
🕖 3 days

DIY Pyhä-Luosto Hike

Enjoy the most flexible and customisable experience in the beautiful Arctic nature - our individual hike from Rovaniemi!
cultural activities summer
🕖 2 Days

Cultural Experiences in Rovaniemi (2 Days)

Discover the best Lapland cultural experiences with this 2-day summer package in Rovaniemi! Various accommodation options can be selected too.
2-Day Husky Trip in Riisitunturi
🕖 2 Days

2-Day Husky Safari in Lapland Paradise

Get ready for a thrilling 2-day safari in snowy Lapland! Drive your own husky team across the famous paradise scenery in Riisitunturi national park!
Bothnian Gulf
🕖 2 Days

Ski Trek on the Frozen Sea (2 Days)

Cross the frozen sea with this 2-day trip of ski trekking in the Bothnian Gulf and spend the night in a cabin with sauna on an island.
Unmissable experiences summer
🕖 3 Days

Unmissable Summer Activities in Rovaniemi (3 Days)

Book this 3-day trip with accommodation options to discover all the must-do experiences in Rovaniemi. Lapland has a lot to offer in summer !
Rovaniemi Ruska September
🕖 5 Days

Autumn Holiday Package in Rovaniemi (September)

Here is our Autumn Holiday Activity Package in Rovaniemi! Lapland has a lot to offer in September with many memorable experiences.
Summer holiday package rovaniemi
🕖 5 Days

Summer Holiday Package in Rovaniemi (5 Days)

A great Holiday Package that includes a full program of the best summer experiences in Rovaniemi with a list of accommodation options.
bears lapland rovaniemi
🕖 2 Days

The Ultimate Arctic Animals Trip in Lapland

Experience the Arctic and its wildlife with your guide : this 2-day trip includes an authentic reindeer farm visit, entrance at a wildlife park, a polar kennel visit and a


Pyhä and Luosto are the two famous ski resort villages located in the Pyhätunturi fells area. They are both 1h30 drive away from Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland and closest airport. In addition to the ski slopes, the area is a great holiday destination for all nature-lovers as it offers many nature attractions to discover all year round.

Pyhä-Luosto is indeed the oldest national park registered in Finland. The park consists of old pine forests, Alp-like fells (several peaks are over 500m high) and interesting geology formations such as the Isokuru Gorge or the Luosto Amethyst Mine. Many places have been considered as sacred by the indigenous Forest Sàmi, and some parts of the park are strictly protected by regulations.

 Among the other local attractions, one may list the Pyhäjärvi lake and the Pyhäjoki river for canoeing trips. The ice walls in Pyhä are also popular for ice-climbing, so is the national parks in general for snowshoeing, skiing, hiking and fatbiking.