We rent equipment and warm clothing for independent travelers visiting Rovaniemi. Renting is a good option if you want to experience Lapland on your own and at a lower cost!

Our equipment is of good quality and easy-to-use. You can collect it directly from our office in the city centre of Rovaniemi (Address: Pekankatu 7).

Contact us and arrange rental in a simple way:
Tel. or Whatsapp: +358 (0) 44 946 0855

2022/2023 CATALOGUE 

Rent Equipment Rovaniemi


IMPORTANT NOTE : We can no longer accept requests for renting Winter overalls and boots for December 2022 and February 2023, because all our rental stock is fully booked for those periods. Please also note that we receive many requests in high season and may not be able to answer immediately to rental requests. We are sorry for this and thank you for your understanding.


Thermal overall suits & winter boots

Rent special thermal overalls designed for arctic conditions.  Those professional winter suits will keep you warm in temperature down to – 20C/-25C. They are to be worn over your normal clothes.

Waterproof winter boots are a must-have when visiting Rovaniemi. They are designed to walk on snowy trails, ice, but also in the city. The thick sole maintains your feet away from the cold ground. Inside the boot, removable thermal socks are easy to dry at the end of the day.

We recommend to wear good woolen socks (x2 pairs), ski gloves and warm hats. Please note that we do not rent them for sanitary reasons.

15€ / day / set : if you don´t book a tour with us
10€ / day / set : If you book 3 or more of our tours
5€ / tour / set: If you rent a clothing set for a tour

Equipment Rent Clothes Rovaniemi

Thermal suits and winter boots will keep you warm and happy!



Snowshoes & Hiking Poles

We offer Inook® or TSL® composite snowshoes for rent; from our experience, they are the best quality snowshoes. Made in the French Alps, they are very easy to use, adaptable to every foot morphology and comfortable. Those snowshoes will greatly satisfy most uses in Lapland terrain, from gentle walks to multi-day treks.

Shoesize (EU): 34 to 52.
Kid models also available.

Hiking Poles are also available for rent. They are telescopic so they can be adapted to your height for optimal comfort.

Snowshoes: 20€/day, 50€ for 3 days, 100€ for 7 days
Hiking poles: 10€/day, 25€ for 3 days, 50€ for 7 days
Snowhoes + hiking poles: 25€/day, 65€ for 3 days, 130€ for 7 days
Transportation possible – please request.

Rent Snowshoes Rovaniemi

Rent your snowshoes in Rovaniemi


Backcountry Skis & Ski Poles

Rent Altai skis (called in Finnish, “sliding snowshoes”). Those backcountry skis are equipped with a skin under the feet allowing them to both hike uphill and slide downhill ; they are the perfect gear to go off the beaten tracks or on longer expeditions. 

The skis do not require any special ski boots, they will easily adapt to your winter hiking boots. They are rented together with Leki ski poles.

Shoesize (EU): 37 to 48.

Altai Skis + Poles : 30€/day, 75€ for 3 days, 150€ for 7 days.


Ski Rent Rovaniemi

Rent your backcountry skis in Rovaniemi


Expedition Sleigh (Pulka)

Savotta Paljakka is one of the best references for expedition sleighs (pulka). It is light, stable and easy to use, but has a great loading capacity. The waterproof sturdy cover will keep your equipment dry.  This is the perfect sleigh for longer adventures on skis / snowshoes.

Dimensions : 142 x 44 x 13 cm
Weight : 7.00 kg
The sleigh is rented with the harness.

Savotta Paljakka : 35€/day, 95€ for 3 days, 175€ for 7 days.


Pulka Sleigh Rent Rovaniemi

The Savotta pulka will take your Lapland adventure to another level!



Electric Fat Tire Bikes (e-Fatbike)

We offer Electric Fatbikes to rent during your stay. The fat tires of your bike allow you to ride on all kinds of terrain : city cycling paths, forests paths, rocky areas, sand and even snow! They are perfect for the landscapes and reliefs around Rovaniemi and can be used all year long! The electric engine of the bike makes it very easy and pleasant to ride, even with snowy conditions!

E-fatbikes are equipped with a Shimano engine and a sturdy battery that is adapted to cold Arctic conditions. The fatbikes are always rented with helmets, locks, a pump and a basic repair tool.

The fatbikes are 26”, which equals to 28” standard bikes. Minimum size required is 155cm (160cm min. for comfort).

Fatbikes: 75€/day, 200€ for 3 days, 400€ for 7 days
Possibility to rent for only 3 hours for 60€.
Departure from our office in city centre.

Fatbike Rovaniemi VTT

Rent your e-fatbike in Rovaniemi!


Fat Tire Bikes (Fatbike)

We offer Fatbikes to rent during your stay. The fat tires of your bike allow you to ride on all kinds of terrain : city cycling paths, forests paths, rocky areas, sand and even snow! They are perfect for the landscapes and reliefs around Rovaniemi and can be used all year long!

Fatbikes are based on a 26” aluminium frame to make it light and easy to ride. The fatbikes are always rented with helmets, locks, a pump and a basic repair tool.

The fatbikes are 26”, which equals to 28” standard bikes. Minimum size required is 155cm (160cm min. for comfort).

Fatbikes: 45€/day, 120€ for 3 days, 260€ for 7 days
Departure from our office in city centre. Special transportation possible upon request.

We also offer an hybrid guided tour with one-day rental: you can enjoy 2 hours with your guide and then keep the fatbike for 22 hours for more fun in total independence!

fatbike rental bicycle Rovaniemi

Rent your fat bike in Rovaniemi


Canoes with paddling equipment

Rent your canoe and enjoy the many rivers and lakes of Lapland! Canoeing is a beautiful and peaceful way to discover the region from a different perspective! 

Our Anar 3 canoes can comfortably accomodate 3 people. They are also well designed for longer trip and multi-day adventures with a lot of storage places (ideally 2 pers. per canoe in this case).

With the canoe, we offer comfortable wooden paddles made in Finland, a storage box, personal floatation devices (“life jackets”), a safety line and dry bags. 

Canoes are to be picked up on our storage place in Rovaniemi. We can however provide you with transportation to the starting/arrival locations (extra costs may apply depending on the distance – please send us a request).

Canoes with equipment : 30€/canoe/day + 10€/pers/day  

Rent canoe kayak Rovaniemi

Rent your canoe in Rovaniemi



Tent for 2 / 3 people

Rent your tent from us and go for a memorable trip without worrying about where to sleep! MSR® Hubba Hubba NX is a world-known tent which has nothing to prove anymore: high-quality materials, free-standing, very light, windproof and waterproof… This is officially a 3-season tent but it can perfectly be used in arctic winter conditions with a tarp.

Dimensions: 213 x 279 x 100 cm (W x H x D)
Dimensions (inside): 213 x 127 x 100 cm (W x H x D)
Packed size: 46 x 15 cm
Weight: 1,540 g
Capacity: 2 adults
Exterior water column value: 1,200 mm
Bottom water column value: 3,000 mm

For summer, we also offer a 2-3 adult tent (Husky Burton 2-3).

MSR Tent Hubba Hubba NX: 30€/night ; 75€/3 nights ; 135€/7 nights

Rent tent Rovaniemi

Rent your tent in Rovaniemi!


Winter Sleeping Bag & Mattress

Rent a comfortable and warm Marmot Wind River Long Sleeping Bag designed to keep you warm during cold lappish winter nights.
For hygienic reasons, our sleeping bags come along with 100% cotton Cocoon Mummy liners. 

Comfort temperature (for women): -17.1 ° C
Temperature limit, limit (for men): -25.8 ° C

Extreme temperature: -49.5 ° C
Weight : 2,015 kg

For optimal comfort, we also rent Halti 500 Lite Pump inflatable mattresses (180 x 48 x 7 cm, 480 gr).

Sleeping Bag (with linen) : 20€/night, 45€/3 nights, 90€/7 nights
Inflatable Mattress : 8€/night, 20€/3 nights, 40€/7 nights
Sleeping Bag (with linen) + Mattress : 25€/night, 50€/ 3 nights, 100€/7 nights

Rent Sleeping bag Rovaniemi

Rent your Winter sleeping bag and mattress in Rovaniemi


Hiking Cooking Set

Rent a cooking stove for your hikes in Lapland! Primus Omnifuel II (with Fuel Bottle) is probably the most advanced stove you may find : light, fast-boiling and easy to use. The stove is rented with 2 Trangia Tundra pots. Together, the cooking set is adapted to 2 – 3 people. 

Weight :  341gr (stove) + 399gr (pots)
Capacity of the pots : 1.5L and 1.75L

Cooking set : 20€/night, 45€/3 nights, 90€/7 nights

Rent Cooking stove Rovaniemi

Rent your cooking equipment for your hikes from Rovaniemi!


Outdoor Grill Set

Lapland trails are full of public fireplaces and open shelters (called “laavu”). With this outdoor grilling set, you can upgrade your hike and enjoy a nice break around the fire with your friends! Around the city of Rovaniemi, there are also a couple of public fireplaces that you can use for free (contact us for more information).

The set includes:
– 1 kettle
– 1 axe
– 1 matchbox
– 4 x telescopic sausage sticks
– 1 x serving tongs
– 1 BBQ grill
– 1 Thermos bottle (2L)
– 4 x kupilka cups

Grill pack : 10€/day, 20€/3 days, 40€/7 days

Grill equipment Rovaniemi

Rent your grilling equipment ready to use!


Hiking Backpack (40L or 65L)

Rent a fully equipped backpack for your hiking adventures. 

The set includes:
– 1 backpack
– 1 first aid kit
– 1 rope
– 1 thermos
– 1 cup
– 1 knife
– 1 axe
– 1 matchbox
– 1 flint & steel
– 1 sausage stick
– 1 kettle
– 1 compass
– 1 map holder

Backpack 40L with equipment : 20€/day, 45€/3 days, 90€/7 days
Backpack 65L with equipment : 25€/day, 60€/day, 120€/7 days
You may also rent only the backpacks alone, or some of the gear. 

Rent backpack Rovaniemi

The backpack is rented with full equipment for your hikes!

FOR familIES with kids



Rent a comfortable, light and easily foldable pushchair for your babies & kids. Britax Römer B-AGILE M with its comfortable design is perfect for everyday trips. This solid pushchair is adapted to winter conditions in Rovaniemi (ex: snowy/icy pavements, etc.).

Suitable: for kids from 6 months to approximately 4 years (22kg).
Weight of the pushchair is 10kg. 

Price: 20€/day, 45€/3 days, 90€/7 days.

Britax stroller puschchair Rovaniemi baby kid equipment to rent

Rent a stroller for your babies & kids