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Nordic Odyssey
Jaakonkatu 4-6, 96200 Rovaniemi (FINLAND)

The following terms and conditions shall be applied for tours, holiday packages, guided services and other related services offered and/or delivered by Nordic Odyssey in Rovaniemi and in any other area of Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Services and Prices: The prices and the services offered and to be delivered by Nordic Odyssey under these Terms & Conditions are set out in the program descriptions for each program service / tour / package. The given prices include VAT according to the Taxation Laws and Regulations of Finland. The standard currency is EUR; prices in SEK and NOK are automatically converted in EUR which might create a slight variation in the final price.

Nordic Odyssey reserves the right to change the prices in case of any unforeseen increases in costs (including but not limited to taxes, fuel prices, sub-contractor costs etc.) beyond the control of Nordic Odyssey.

Nordic Odyssey offers a preferential rate on its own website and cannot be held responsible for any price difference existing on partners’ reselling platforms. Advertised discounts and promotions are subject to availability of the product in question.

Services included: the services included in (and excluded from) the tour / package offered are clearly mentioned in the descriptions of the product in question. Usually, multi-day packages include a standard accommodation (twin room) in full-board. Flights/train tickets are usually not included.

Reservation: Reservations received by Nordic Odyssey are considered as confirmed upon receipt of full payment by Nordic Odyssey or, when applicable, upon receipt of the partial deposit payment. Online bookings are automatically confirmed with an email notification to the customer upon payment receipt. For reservations made by email, an invoice quote is sent by Nordic Odyssey to the customer and payment is operated by bank transfer. For early bookings, payment may be arranged with a first partial deposit to confirm the booking (usually 30% of the total amount) and a later completion payment before the delivery date (usually 70% of the total amount).

Booking change: Any request to amend a booking must be sent in writing to at least 48 hours prior to the delivery of the first services or, in the case of Northern Lights tours, before 12:00 PM (GMT+2) on the day of the tour. Nordic Odyssey reserves the right to accept, or decline, any request to amend the booking.

Cancellation: For cancellations, please inform The requested cancellations are subject to the approval of Nordic Odyssey. Cancellations fees are calculated according to the date of receipt of the request by Nordic Odyssey.

Cancellation terms: Standard cancellation fees apply as follows:

  • cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 24 hours or less before the event;
  • cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before the event;
  • cancellation fee of 10% if booking is 7 days or more before the event.

The event includes all services offered in the tour/package; the services of one tour/package cannot be dealt separately nor independently. The date of the event for the calculation of the cancellation fees is the date of the delivery of the first services included in the tour / package.
Depending on the product, cancellation policy may be stricter than the abovementioned standard cancellation policy: in all cases, the cancellation policy of the package is always mentioned in the services description. In case that subcontractor’s or third-party supplier’s cancellation terms are stricter, their cancellation terms will be followed. Minimum cancellation fees of 10% covering the administration and transaction fees will always be applied when cancelling. For the accommodation, the cancellation terms of third-party suppliers are followed. 

Cancellation Insurance for Northern Lights Photography tour,  Northern Lights Photography tour for families and Private Northern lights hunting tour in Rovaniemi:

Our northern lights hunting tours automatically includes Cancellation Insurance and the participants are entitled to request cancellation of their Northern Lights tour ticket until 14:00 (GMT +2) on the same day of their tour and be fully refunded, without the application of cancellation fees. The full refund does not cover the costs of the Cancellation Insurance or any other option booked by the participants in relation to their Northern Lights tour (e.g. equipment rental). The Cancellation Insurance does not cover any other tour or services than the Northern Lights photography tour in relation to which it was purchased. The Cancellation Insurance is individual and only covers one participant and one tour.

The cancellation must be requested in writing to by 14:00 (GMT +2) on the same day as the related Northern Lights Photography Tour for which the Cancellation Insurance was purchased.

Participants may also request that the tour be rescheduled on another day. Rescheduling is subject to availability and the acceptance by Nordic Odyssey.

Child Policy: Child rate applies to children between the ages of 0  – 12 years old, unless otherwise mentioned in the description of the services. Young infants (under 4 years old) participating in the programs must be declared at the moment of booking and may be refused for safety reasons. In general, young infants are not recommended on any tour / package offered by Nordic Odyssey; Nordic Odyssey reserves the right to refuse, even at the last moment, the participation of any infant for safety reasons or for the comfort of the rest of the group. In this case, Nordic Odyssey will issue a full refund of the infant fee and of the adult participant who will have to stay with the infant.

Service language: English is the official language used in guiding and all other services. Specific languages may be offered but this option has to be expressly requested long enough before the tour. Specific language services may be subject to additional fees.

Travel Insurances: Participants are required to have their own insurances to take part on any tour provided by Nordic Odyssey. The insurance should especially cover snow adventure sports, impossibility to travel, damages and harms caused to others, and any other unexpected costs. EU, EEA and Swiss citizens, who have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to medical services in Finland while visiting here. It will be provided in accordance with the legislation of Finland.

Safety: All participants must follow the briefings carefully on all tours and obey all safety instructions given by the present guide. Anyone taking part in the tour is required to dress appropriately according to the weather and actual conditions of the tour. Participation in all safaris/tours is at one’s own risk. Some programs such as snowmobile, husky safaris or long hiking trips can be physically demanding and participants may be exposed to vibrations. If participants are having any type of health problems, including, but not limited to, heart disease, back problems or similar, or if they are pregnant, they should contact medical experts prior the participation.

Snowmobile Driving: According to local legislation, participants in snowmobile safaris must be able to present a valid driving license if they want to drive the snowmobile. Snowmobile safaris are always twin driving, which means that there are two participants per snowmobile (one driver, one passenger) and they can switch their seat during the tour. Solo driving (one person / snowmobile) is possible at extra cost and must be requested prior the participation.

Border Crossing: Services offered by Nordic Odyssey may involve the crossing of borders between Norway, Sweden and Finland. Participants must be able to present a valid passport or ID document and are responsible to hold a valid visa or any other document they could be requested to enter the new country. Nordic Odyssey is not responsible if local authorities refuse the entrance of the participants on the territory due to administrative reasons; in such a case, participants shall hold any extra costs involved by their own defect.

Third-party supplier: Nordic Odyssey is working in collaboration with other local trusted partners to offer a wide range of arctic experiences and accomodation. Nordic Odyssey may resell tours and package services delivered by third-party suppliers on their website or at their front desk. In addition to the present terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the third-party will apply. Nordic Odyssey cannot be held responsible for defects in the service delivered by a third-party supplier but, in case of complaint, we will investigate and offer as much support as possible to the customers.

Equipment Rental: any equipment rented from Nordic Odyssey shall be used only in a manner and for the purpose intended by the manufacturer. The equipment shall be returned to Nordic Odyssey on an agreed time and at an agreed location in the same condition as at the moment of receipt of the equipment, excluding normal wear and tear caused by reasonable and regular use. The lessee shall bear full liability for accidental destruction, damage, loss, theft, fire, misuse or other risks associated with the rented equipment. The lessee shall pay the rental fees and, upon loss or destruction of the equipment, the lessee shall pay the market value of the equipment determined by Nordic Odyssey or a fair cost of restoration or repair of the equipment.

Use of image and digital content: All participants accept that photographs, videos and digital contents produced during the tour / programs offered by the staff members of Nordic Odyssey, including content that display their image, may be used for the marketing of Nordic Odyssey and the promotion of their services. Nordic Odyssey commits not to sell, share with third-parties, or use for any other purposes than marketing of their own services, the digital contents that display the image of participants without their prior consent. Participants may contact Nordic Odyssey ( to request that digital contents displaying their image are not used for marketing and promotional purposes; such requests must be made in writing before the start of the tour.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Finnish Law.  The Finnish Courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute, controversy claim related to such a demand.   The District Court of Lappi (in Finnish: Lapin käräjäoikeus), placed in Rovaniemi, shall be the court of first instance.

Severability if any part, term or provision of these terms and conditions are partly or wholly held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of other provisions, extent part and remainder of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

Last updated: August 2022.



While other companies in Rovaniemi will take you to see clouds (or even snowfalls!) knowing that you have zero chance to see auroras, our Northern Lights tour automatically includes a cancellation possibility.It allows you to cancel your Northern Lights tour a few hours before (until 14.00, local time).

We usually do not take the decision to cancel the tour unless the weather is really bad and unsafe. Instead, we would happily reschedule if we still have availability. Why? Because most of our guests have travelled very far, and are usually willing to take their chance: even with a challenging weather, we may find Northern Lights… We also believe that the hunting experience in the beautiful dark cold nights of Lapland is anyway worth the try and efforts!

But we also understand that you might prefer to cancel at the last moment if the weather turns out to be bad, and this is why we have included this cancellation possibility in our tour.

By allowing you to cancel a few hours before, we offer you the possibility to join the aurora tour only when the conditions are good enough. In the morning we send you our weather & solar conditions report, that will help you take your decision to go, reschedule or cancel. It will also be possible to change for another night adventure if you don’t want to waste your evening.



  • You have the possibility to request a cancellation until 14:00, local time (GMT+2). Please request it to in due time. After that, full refund is not guaranteed.
  • you will get a refund within 2-3 working days of your ticket.
  • Please note that the equipment rental like overalls and boots are not included and cannot be refunded.



Business ID: 3208145-8 
Nordic Odyssey
Jaakonkatu 4-6, 96200 Rovaniemi (FINLAND)

The following terms and conditions shall be applied for equipment rental offered and/or delivered by Nordic Odyssey in Rovaniemi and in any other area of Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Parties to the Agreement: These terms and conditions apply to the lease between Nordic Odyssey – Chris Adventures rental service and the lessee (later referred as “Customer”). 

Rental period: The rental period starts from the moment the equipment is collected by the Customer from the office of Nordic Odyssey or when it has been agreed to be picked up in advance or when the equipment is delivered in the case that delivery has been agreed. Rental duration is always counted in days, ie. 24 hours. The rental period ends on the day and time agreed between Nordic Odyssey and the Customer. The rental period may be extended if agreed between the Customer and Nordic Odyssey.

Amount and payment of rent: The amount of the rent is calculated in accordance with the price list, unless otherwise agreed. The rent is always paid in advance before the handover of the equipment.

Object of rental: The object of the rental is the equipment agreed between Nordic Odyssey and the Customer as such and with the accessories mentioned in the product descriptions. Upon receipt of the equipment, the customer must check the quantity, quality and condition of the equipment. If there are any remarks in the equipment, the Customer must notify Nordic Odyssey immediately.

Delivery of equipment: This only concerns the rental of equipment independently of the tours and does not apply on the clothing rented during the tours. Equipment for rent will be handed over from the office of Nordic Odyssey located Jaakonkatu 4-6, 96100 Rovaniemi. If another method of delivery has been agreed in advance, the Customer shall be responsible for the additional costs incurred.

Guaranty and deposit payment: When the total amount of the rental or the value of the rented equipment exceeds 200€, the Customer may be requested to prove their identity when picking up the equipment. Nordic Odyssey has the right to take a copy of the Customer’s identity card for the duration of the rental as a guarantee.

In addition, the Customer might be requested to proceed to the payment of a deposit as a guarantee. The deposit amount is calculated in accordance with the pricelist and shall be paid at the same time as the rental amount. The deposit amount will be paid back by Nordic Odyssey within a few days after the equipment has been returned by the Customer.

Use of rental equipment: The Customer is obliged to take care of the rented equipment and to be careful when using the rented equipment. Care must be taken to ensure that no equipment is dropped or otherwise damaged. The Customer commits to use the rental equipment only in the manner intended for the equipment.

The equipment is always handed over to the Customer inspected and in good condition. The Customer is obliged to return the equipment in the same condition back to Nordic Odyssey. If the Customer fails to return the equipment on time, Nordic Odyssey reserves the right to deduct any additional rental duration from the deposit amount.

Ownership, management and liability: Ownership of the equipment is maintained throughout the rental period at Nordic Odyssey. The customer does not have any right to sub-rent or sell the equipment leased from Nordic Odyssey. The Customer may not export the leased equipment outside the borders of Finland without this being explicitly agreed between the parties.

The Customer is fully liable for all leased equipment. Nordic Odyssey does not provide any insurance. In the event of damage, loss or breakage, Nordic Odyssey reserves the right to charge the full costs of any repair, cleaning or replacement necessary to return the equipment to the condition prior to the lease. If the leased equipment cannot be returned to normal service, the Customer is obliged to pay Nordic Odyssey the full purchase price of the equipment. The deposit amount may be used to cover such costs, or additional payment may be demanded if the amount of the deposit is insufficient.

Liability of the rental company: Nordic Odyssey is responsible for the normal wear and tear of the equipment and the resulting repair costs. The rental company is responsible for ensuring that the equipment to be rented is in good condition and corresponds to the product descriptions. Nordic Odyssey shall not be liable for any direct or indirect costs or damages that may be incurred by the Customer due to the use or breakdown of the equipment.

Insurance: Equipment for rent is not insured on behalf of Nordic Odyssey, unless otherwise agreed. The Customer is responsible for their own insurance of the rented equipment.

Cancellations of Order: The Customer will be charged 10% of the rental amount if cancellation is requested 48 hours or more prior to the agreed start of the rental ; any cancellation requested less than 48 hours prior to the start of the rental is not refundable (except for the deposit amount).

Transfer of Lease: The customer has no right to transfer the lease or transfer the leased equipment to third parties without the consent of Nordic Odyssey. 

Border Crossing: Services offered by Nordic Odyssey may involve the crossing of borders between Norway, Sweden and Finland. Participants must be able to present a valid passport or ID document and are responsible to hold a valid visa or any other document they could be requested to enter the new country. Nordic Odyssey is not responsible if local authorities refuse the entrance of the participants on the territory due to administrative reasons; in such a case, participants shall hold any extra costs involved by their own defect.

Force Majeure: Nordic Odyssey is not obliged to comply with the terms of the contract if it encounters a force majeure that cannot be reasonably resolved. Any compensation can be demanded by the Customer for any damage or expenses incurred due to non-performance of the contract.

Under no circumstances shall Nordic Odyssey be liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss of revenue caused by the equipment of Nordic Odyssey to the Customer or third parties. The liability of Nordic Odyssey, as a rental company, is limited to the total amount of the rental. Nordic Odyssey is not responsible for product defects or the breakdown of the equipment during the rental that are independent of its activity.

Right to terminate the contract: If the Customer does not fulfill the obligations mentioned in these rental conditions or, for example, fails to take care of the rental equipment, Nordic Odyssey is entitled to terminate this agreement before the end of the contract period. In this case, Nordic Odyssey has the right to retrieve the equipment belonging to it from the Customer. The Customer is responsible for all return costs incurred as a result. In the event of termination of the agreement, Nordic Odyssey is not obliged to return the rental amount paid by the Customer, to the exception of the deposit amount.

Dispute Resolution: Disputes are always first resolved in the mutual negotiations between Nordic Odyssey and the Customer. If no agreement is reached, all disputes arising from the lease agreement will be resolved in the lower court of Rovaniemi, Finland.

Last updated: August 2022.