We present here our selection of Northern Lights tours in Rovaniemi.
Every excursion is led by an aurora expert guide and organised in small groups. They will offer you a chance to observe Northern lights in different conditions, depending on the adventure you are looking for. 
Northern Lights Hunting Photography
🕖 4-5 hours

Best Northern Lights Photography Hunting from Rovaniemi

Find the Auroras with the best Northern Lights tour from Rovaniemi! With your aurora expert, chase and capture the Northern Lights (photos are included).
Aurora Northern Lights Snowshoe Rovaniemi (4)
🕖 4 hours

Snowshoeing Adventure by Night (Aurora Borealis Tour)

Enjoy a snowshoe adventure by night from Rovaniemi to reach elusive nature areas with no light pollution where Northern lights are visible.
Private Northern Lights Rovaniemi
🕖 6 hours

Private Northern Lights Photography Hunting ( with Dinner option)

Get the highest chance to observe the Aurora Borealis with a premium guided experience. Drive very far from Rovaniemi to find the Northern lights, take beautiful pictures and enjoy a
Cultural night Rovaniemi
🕖 3 hours

Finnish Legends & Stories Night around the Fire

Enjoy a relaxing night around the fire in the Arctic forests, listening to legends and tales of Finland. This story-telling experience will offer you an opportunity to learn more about
ski aurora rovaniemi
🕖 3 hours

Ski Trekking by Night (Private Aurora Borealis Tour)

Enjoy a private ski trekking adventure by night from Rovaniemi to reach elusive nature areas with no light pollution where Northern lights may be visible.
Northern lights for family and kid
🕖 3 hours

Northern Lights Photography Tour for Family (Private)

A special Northern Lights tour from Rovaniemi (Lapland) designed for your family and your kids! Join our family-friendly photography tour !
Sauna wilderness Rovaniemi
🕖 3h30

Log Sauna Evening in the Wilderness

Enjoy a relaxing evening at a lakeside sauna in the middle of the wilderness. The log sauna location is ideal for observing the Northern lights when weather conditions allow it.
Sauna Winter Rovaniemi Ice
🕖 3h00

Wilderness Sauna Experience in Winter (Private)

Enjoy a relaxing time at a lakeside sauna in the wilderness and have a swim in the ice waters! In the evening, you may even observe auroras!
Wilderness sauna in summer/autumn
🕖 3h30

Wilderness Sauna Experience in Summer/Autumn (Private)

Enjoy a private relaxing wilderness sauna experience in summer and have a swim in the lake! During autumn, you may even observe auroras!
Northern Lights Snowmobile Rovaniemi
🕖 3 Hours

Northern Lights Safari by Electric Snowmobiles from Rovaniemi

Enjoy an evening safari by electric snowmobiles & get a chance to observe the Northern Lights! A great sustainable & eco-friendly aurora by snowmobile tour!
reindeer evening safari northern lights aurora borealis rovaniemi Lapland
🕖 3 Hours

Evening reindeer ride (Aurora Borealis Tour)

Visit an authentic reindeer farm from Rovaniemi and enjoy an evening reindeer sleigh ride in the wild forests of Lapland!
aurora ice floating rovaniemi
🕖 3 hours

Aurora Ice Floating

Experience the ice floating under the northern lights! Don’t fear the cold as you are protected by the rescue suit. Tour from Rovaniemi.
evening husky safari northern lights night
🕖 1,5 Hour

Husky adventure by night (5km safari)

Drive your own husky sled dog team through snowy forest in Lapland under the sky full of stars and if you are lucky northern lights.


Rovaniemi is located on the Arctic Circle, in the southern part of Lapland. Its 66°N lattitude is north enough to be right in the “auroral oval”, a ring zone where northern lights manifest the most due to Earth’s geomagnetic interferences.

The geographic situation of Rovaniemi also makes it an excellent basecamp for Northern Lights trips, with easy access to roads in all directions. In addition, local climate and winds from Sweden and the Bothnian Sea offer more chance of clear sky and fast weather changes during most of the Northern Light season. A thorough weather analysis will usually offer some promising destinations with clear sky within a few hours drive, even if the sky above Rovaniemi is too cloudy.

Overall, Rovaniemi is an excellent location to start an aurora trip and hunt the Northern lights. If you do not know where to go or how to do, don’t worry! Our aurora guides are here to take you on a great night adventure!


We rent equipment and warm clothing for independent travelers visiting Rovaniemi. Renting is a good option if you want to experience Lapland on your own and at a lower cost!

Our equipment is of very good quality and easy-to-use. We can bring it to your accommodation or you can collect it from our storage in Rovaniemi.

Contact us and arrange rental in a simple way:
Tel. or Whatsapp: +358 (0) 40 258 2081

Aurores Boreales Rovaniemi Clothes

Thermal suits and winter boots will keep you warm!


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