DIY Hetta-Pallas hiking adventure (3 days, 2 nights)

Discover Finland’s oldest hiking trail with world’s purest air and breathtaking views! Admire changing landscapes as you follow the path from Hetta to Pallas on this independent hike accessible from Rovaniemi or Ylläs.

Quick Info

Type: 3 Seasons Package
Location: Hetta-Pallas, Finland

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
The program is customizable.
Self-guided tour.


Hetta-Pallas (Finland)



Tent (included) OR public wilderness hut OR private wilderness hut (not included)


3 days & 2 nights (can be adapted / extended)


May – October
Recommended : June – September



Contact us if you would like a professional guide for this experience.


Embark on your very own adventure in Pallas-Yllästunturi national park with the help of our equipment! This trip will allow you to discover unique arctic nature at your own pace and in your own style, without having to conform to the needs of the group. The tour is accessible from Rovaniemi or from Ylläs by car or public transport.


The National Park of Pallas-Yllästunturi is located in north-western Lapland. It’s home to fells and ravines, with trees and vegetation that have adapted to living in the fells. During 3 days of hike, you will see unique landscapes  as you follow the oldest hiking path in Finland and breath in the purest air in the world. The views from the summits will reward all the efforts!

The trail length is approximately 50 km. We recommend to divide the distance in 3 days, walking approximately 16km per day, but it is also possible to do it in 4 days if you prefer. We recommend that you bring enough food and snacks to make sure you are not hungry during the trip from Hetta to Pallas.

We recommend Pyhäkero, Suaskuru or Rihmakuru for lunch and snack breaks, as they are equiped with a public fireplace and a grill you can cook on. In your backpack you will find everything you need to start a fire and firewood will be waiting for you in each of the shelters. Chopping wood, lighting your own fire and cooking yourself a meal are all the part of the experience. It’s one of the locals’ favourite leisure activities!


Bus: you can take one of the intercity buses to get near the starting point of the trail. Here you can check the bus schedules and prices, as well as book your ticket from Rovaniemi to the starting point in Hetta. The bus stop  is called Enontekiö I. Here you can check the bus back from Pallas, where the trail will end. There is a change in Muonio. The bus stop name is Hotelli PallasThe rough price for the ride is 50€.

Taxi: booking a taxi gives you more flexibility with the hours of departure and arrival. You can take a taxi from Muonio to reach the starting point, or to Muonio after you have copleted the trail. The rough price for the ride is 130€ to Hetta and 58€ to Pallas.

Your own car: this makes you more restricted in the journey itself, as you need to go back to the starting point, where you have parked your car – for example by taxi or bus. Here you can find a car rental company in Rovaniemi.

By bus and taxi: You also have the possibility to combine those options, if you want to be more flexible on the departure or the return times.


In the tent: in the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park, tents may only be set up in the immediate vicinity of serviced campsites. You can see the campsites on the map.

In the public wilderness hut: Tappuri, Pahakuru and Nammalakuru are all good options if you want to sleep in one of the free public huts. However, note that it’s not possible to book the public huts in advance, so you have no guarantee there will be places left there.

In the private rental hut: if you want to make sure to have warm nights in shared rental huts, this option is for you. You can book Sioskuru and Hannukuru huts. The fee is 16,50€ per night per person. The keys are to be picked from Pallastunturi Visitor Centre or Fell Lapland Visitor Centre. Rental information.

Pallas Hetta Hike
The first part of the Hetta-Pallas independent hike from Rovaniemi
Pallas Hetta Hike


The hike starts in the town of Hetta, from where after having crossed a lake, you will find a sandy beach. The path leads further to a spruce forest, which northern line of habitat is crossing through the national park. As you follow the trail you will then see open areas with low vegetation characteristic to Northern Lapland.

After a lunch break at the Pyhäkero open wilderness hut, it is time to climb the first fell with the same name. The view on the lake from the top is definetly worth a pause for a picture session!

Climbing down from the fell you will finish the first day in the Sioskuru open and reservable wilderness hut. If you prefer to sleep in the tent, rememer to not loose the hut from view, as according to the rules of the national park, you can only set a tent in the immediate vacinity of the wilderness hut.

The second part of the Hetta-Pallas independent hike from Rovaniemi


Shortly after putting yourself back on the trail in the morning you will cross a Siosjoki stream that goes around the next fell on the trail. Hiking down from the top you will reach a big open grass-covered area. If you need a little break on the way there is no better place for a little snack!

Pahakuru open wilderness hut with an outdoor public fireplace will greet you in very different sorroundings then the ones you have encountered at the beggining of the trail. You are now in between of sparsley forested fells with just a couple of pine trees around.

You can spend the night in Hannukuru well, in a reservable wilderness hut or set a tent next to the well. We recommend stopping there as you get unlimited access to water to cook dinner and take with you in the morning the next day.

The fourth part of the Hetta-Pallas independent hike from Rovaniemi
The third part of the Hetta-Pallas independent hike from Rovaniemi
Pallas Hetta Hike
The fifth part of the Hetta-Pallas independent hike from Rovaniemi
Pallastunturi Hike


To get to the next viewpoint you will walk on the wide slope of Suastunturi, admiring lakes and the forest at the feet of the fell as well as other fells and hills as far as your eyes can reach.

The lunch break at Suaskuru kota will be in between of two tunturis, from where you will climb for the last time for breathtaking views from the peaks of Lumikero, Vuontiskero and Jäkäläkero. In this area the tunturis are tall enough to be called small mountains! As you finally hike down from the peaks, the ruins of the original Pallas Hotel make for the last sight of the trip.

The trail ends in Pallas, where you can catch the bus back to Rovaniemi. You can find information about buses in the How to get there section.

The sixth part of the Hetta-Pallas independent hike from Rovaniemi
Wilderness trail of the independent hike from Rovaniemi

water points

Water wells are available throughout the trail, so you never run out of it. The points on are in Pyhäkero (first day of the hike) and Hannukuru (the end of the second and beginning of the third day of the hike).

forest fire safety

There are three different levels of forest fire warnings (yellow, orange and red) and one in grass fire warnings (yellow). They all refer in law to the same thing, that it is forbidden to start open fire. Probability for large and quickly progressive forest fires increase, when it is orange or red warning. Here you can see the 5-day forest fire warnings in Finland. Please check and respect the warning during your tour.


Public fireplaces with wood, grill, table and benches are available for everybody to use. This means you can use firewood and the tables free of charge. However, you should follow some common sense rules to respect other nature hiking enthusiasts, and nature itself. While you are using the shelter, always welcome new people. The rule ‘I came here first so it’s mine now’ doesn’t apply in Finland. You are expected to share public places with others and treat them with respect. On the other side, this means that if you arrive to an already occupied fireplace, you can feel free to join in!

When using the public hut to sleep, just like with public fireplaces, you should make sure you follow the general recommendations and common sense as well. The official rule is that if you arrive to a hut that is already occupied, people should leave and make place for you, as you are more tired and in need of rest. The same way if you see other people arriving, you should leave to let them rest as well. However, it might happen that the cottage is already very full, or you arrive at the same time with somebody else. For your own comfort, to assure your privacy, and to allow you to by fully independent during the hike, you are equipped with a tent.

which food to bring

The trail being rather long (50 km), you need to think about which, and how much food to bring to have an enjoyable experience. Here are our suggestions about which aliments are a good option for a long summer hike:

Fresh food: grilling sausages on the fire is a part of Finnish culture. It’s one of the easiest meals to prepare on the flames. They pair very well with bread. You can also bring fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on during the hike.

Jars and cans: the biggest advantages of having a pasta sauce or a stew ready in the jar is that the preparation time is really short and the food will not go bad during the journey. However, prepare for some extra weight in your backpack, also after eating as there are little trash cans on the trail.

Dry and instant meals: lightweight and ready in minutes, they make great hiking food. The biggest disadvantage is that most of them are rather expensive. However, dehydrated meals tend to be rewarding and high in nutrients. For breakfast, we recommend instand porridge or rolled oats.

Snacks: Muesli bars, nuts, chocolate and dry fruits are high in sugars and will keep you energized between the warm meals. We definetly recommend taking some with you.



To make you ready for your independent hike adventure, we have prepared the right equipment for you. In the backpack you will find everything you will need for the hike. To make sure you have a great experience, we have also included a card game in the 2-persons package so you can spend a great time in the nature! The total weight of the backpack with all the equipment listed is around 5,5 kg, without water. Below you can find a list of all equipment included in the package.

For hiking:
  • Backpack (40L)
  • Headlamp
  • Map with map holder*
  • Compass*
For eating and cooking:
  • Gas stove (MSR Pocket Rocket)*
  • Cooking set including 2 pots and a spork*
  • Axe*
  • Knife*
  • Sausage stick
  • Matches*
  • Cup
  • 1l thermos*
  • Water tank
For sleeping:
  • Tent (MSR® Hubba Hubba NX – Weight: 1,540 g)*
  • Sleeping bag (Marmot Hydrogen 30 – Weight: 0,811 g) with linen
  • Matress
  • Mosquito net*
Other useful equipment:
  • Rope*
  • First-aid kit*
  • Card game (Uno)*

*this equipment is shared if you book the tour for 2 people

Infographics of the content of the backpack for the independent hike from Rovaniemi
sleeping set for the independendent hike from Rovaniemi
Infographics with the cooking set for the independent hike from Rovaniemi
Lingonberries you can collect on the independent hike from Rovaniemi



Afraid of not catching the bus on time or simply prefer the comfort of direct transportation? Contact our team about a possibility to arrange private transportation. If you are unsure about seting the tent, using the gas burner or you have any other concerns, don’t hesitate to ask for a short brief session with one of our professionals before the trip – they will gladly answer all your questions in a face-to-face meeting. 

If you are tempted by the adventure but prefer to always have help and guidance on hand, you can have a professional guide with you. He will lead you through the experience, sharing stories and explanations, all while cooking delicious meals on the fire. Transportation from and to Rovaniemi is included if you opt for a guide.




  • All the equipment mentioned


We recommend that you bring your own
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof or outdoor trousers
  • Toilet paper
  • Clothes to change
  • Hiking boots
  • Alcoholic desinfection gel
  • Snacks and food 
  • Soap (preferably bio-degradable)
  • Gas bottle (available for 10€ extra)
  • Sunscreen


This is a self guided adventure. Please contact us if you wish to be accompanied by a professional guide.

The equipment package proposed includes all equipment that you need for this independent hike.

This tour is suitable for children 8 years old and older. Please contact us if you have younger children.

Equipment is to be collected and returned from/to our office located at Jaakonkatu 4-6 in the city centre of Rovaniemi.

The equipment is to be return in the same state as it have been picked up. In case of any damage, a deposit may be applied.

By booking this package you agree to terms and conditions.



  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 20% if booking is cancelled 31 days or more before departure;
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 30 days or less before departure.



Please send us a booking request. Our team will discuss with you about the different options, check availability for your dates and send you a quote with payment instructions.



Payment by bank transfer and credit card are accepted.
An immediate 30% deposit payment is required to confirm the booking. Payment of the remaining 70% is required at least one month before departure.



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