Private Northern Lights Photography Hunting ( with Dinner option)

Get the highest chance to observe the Aurora Borealis with a premium guided experience. Drive very far from Rovaniemi to find the Northern lights, take beautiful pictures and enjoy a unique wilderness dinner!

Quick Info

Location: Rovaniemi
Duration : 6h00
Price: from 720€/group
Included: private tour, photos, snacks, guiding, transportation, etc.


Rovaniemi (Finland)



Private experience, long distance transportation to find auroras, photos, expert guiding & stories, snacks & hot drinks, etc.


Duration: 6h00
Start time: adapted to conditions


Available: From September to April



GROUP (1 – 4 participants)
720€ / group (900€)

GROUP (5 – 8 participants)
880€ / group (1100€)

+ cancellation insurance 

Group of 1 – 4 people : + 180€/group
Group of 5 – 8 people : +220€/group

Option Extra: Salmon soup

15€ / person

All prices include VAT



Treat yourself and your loved ones with the best aurora hunting experience you can imagine. This private Northern Lights tour is organised by an aurora expert guide who will do everything possible to find the auroras for you. The tour has been designed to offer all the best features for a successful aurora hunt!

The tour lasts up to 6 hours, which allows to drive very far (up to 300km around Rovaniemi) to find clear sky and observe the auroras. Driving far might be the only way to find northern lights, especially when the weather is challenging in Rovaniemi. By staying out for a longer time, you also get the opportunity to see more in the sky and will not miss any Northern lights if they appear late in the night!

The tour is private, allowing for an intimate experience adapted to your needs and requests. A specific start time will be suggested, based on our analysis of the weather and conditions (a brief report will be send to you in the morning to inform you about our analysis of the conditions) but it can also be adapted to your timetable. During the experience, you may always decide together with your guide if you would like to change locations to experience something else or stay longer at the specific place because you enjoy it. You are also free to decide to return home at any time when you feel fully satisfied. Basically, this is YOUR experience.


Private Northern lights Rovaniemi
Northern Lights Private Rovaniemi
Northern Lights Private Rovaniemi


Your guide will always be equipped with a professional camera, specifically designed for low-light photography. This is a must-have tool when chasing Northern Lights! It helps anticipate the evolution of the sky and therefore allow us to make the best decisions! And of course, pictures are always nice to keep as a souvenir! All pictures taken during the tour will be sent to you by email in high quality!


A standard Finnish snack (Finnish sausages with hot drinks) is included in the program. However, you may be willing to live a more special experience and opt for a delicious homemade salmon soup served directly around the open fire in the middle of nowhere (and hopefully under the northern lights!). The price for an extra salmon soup is 15€ / person and it also includes local hot drinks and sweet snacks. 

If you are interested in a full wilderness dinner, please send us an email to


Northern lights with people having dinner
Northern Lights Private Rovaniemi


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to see the Northern Lights. No matter how hard we try, no matter of the decisions we take or the distances we drive, sometimes we also need a bit of luck. Northern Lights are an unpredictable phenomenon, and despite our long experience, there is unfortunately nothing we can do if Mother Nature decides not to offer us auroras… This is also the beauty about the Northern lights and we all have to accept it. But even if we are unlucky, the adventure will be worth it!



Our Northern Lights tour now automatically includes a Cancellation Insurance, that allows you to cancel free-of-charge your Northern Lights tour a few hours before (until 14.00, local time). You will then get your ticket refunded!

This is a good option if the weather turns bad or if you cannot reschedule to another night.

We usually do not take the decision to cancel the tour unless the weather is really bad and unsafe. Instead, we would happily reschedule if we still have availability. Why? Because most of our guests have travelled very far, and are usually willing to take their chance: even with a challenging weather, we may find Northern Lights… We also believe that the hunting experience in the beautiful dark cold nights of Lapland is anyway worth the try and efforts!

But we also understand that you might prefer to cancel at the last moment, and this is why we have included this Cancellation Insurance extra in our tour.



  • one Cancellation Insurance per person and per tour. The option is added up to the price when booking the tour online. The extra is 180€/group of 1 -4 participants or 220€/ group of 5 – 8 participants. 
  • the Cancellation Insurance allows you to request a cancellation until 14:00, local time (GMT+2). Please request it to in due time. After that, full refund is not guaranteed.
  • you will get a refund within 2-3 working days of your ticket. Please note that the refund does not include the cost of the cancellation insurance (180€ or 220€ per group), which will be used to cover the administrative and banking fees. It does not cover other tours, other options nor clothes rental because the equipment will be reserved for you.
  • If you don’t want the cancellation insurance, please contact us BEFORE booking, and we may book the tour for you without it.

So yes, you pay a little bit more but that gives you the opportunity to join the aurora tour only when the conditions are good enough. In the morning we send you our weather & solar conditions report, that will help you take your decision to go, reschedule or cancel. It will also be possible to change for another night adventure if you don’t want to waste your evening.

Northern lights rovaniemi photography
Northern Lights Hunt with fire



  • Private experience
  • Long-distance transportation
  • Hotel pickup
  • Personal aurora expert guide
  • Weather analysis
  • Photos with professional camera
  • Snacks & hot drinks
  • Option for wilderness dinner
  • Stories & explanation
  • Overalls & winter boots if needed


  • Wilderness dinner cooked around the open fire


We recommend to book in advance, as availability may be very limited in peak seasons.

This private tour is limited to groups of 8 participants maximum. For larger groups, please contact us at so we can arrange a specific tour for your group.

We reserve the right to cancel the trip because of unsafe weather conditions.

Please dress appropriately according to the weather, with warm clothes, good winter boots, gloves, hats and thick socks. 

The start time mentioned in the calendar or on your ticket is only indicative. You will receive more information before the tour regarding the weather and conditions. The start time will then be adapted to the conditions to increase your chance.



  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 10% if booking is cancelled 7 days or more before departure;
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled between 7 days and 24h before departure.
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 24h or less before departure.



Select the number of participants, the date and time in the calendar below and follow the booking steps. Payment by credit or debit card.


If you have also any question, feel free to ask and we’ll be happy to answer you with as many details as possible. You can also write us on Whatsapp (+358(0) 40 258 20 81).


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