The Best Northern Lights Hunting Tour From Rovaniemi

This Northern Lights hunt is your best chance to find the precious aurora borealis, observe them and capture them. Your Aurora expert guide will drive you in the most promising directions, based on the weather analysis and his knowledge of the region, will take beautiful photos for you and will share all his passion about this fantastic phenomenon!

Quick Info

Location: Rovaniemi
Duration : 4h30
Price: from 140€/pers
Included: photos, snacks, guiding, transportation, etc.

Easy cancellation included!


Rovaniemi (Finland)



Photos, expert guiding & stories, snacks & hot drinks, transportation in small group, weather analysis, cancellation insurance, passion of the guide.


Duration: 4h30
Start time: adapted to conditions


Available: From September to April



1-2 pers.: 150€/pers 
3-4 pers.: 145€/pers
5+ pers.: 140€/pers

CHILD (8 – 12)

NB : this tour is not accessible
to children under 8 years old.

Includes a Cancellation Insurance!*


IMPORTANT NOTE ! Due to the high demand in wintertime and the popularity of this tour as the #1 Aurora photography tour in Rovaniemi, we only offer this experience between 18.11.2024 and 16.03.2025 to travellers who book a package of activities with us. Reservation for other travelers will be open only 2 weeks before. If you would like to book in advance, please contact our team at 

For active travellers who want to enjoy a great evening experience with a chance to observe auroras and take photos, we recommend our aurora snowshoeing tour instead. 


As passionate aurora experts, our goal is to find the auroras for you! We will do whatever is possible to makes it happen, even if it means driving far or staying awake all night!

This Northern Lights tour is a proper aurora hunting experience! We will depart from Rovaniemi and drive in the most promising directions (based on a long analysis of the weather by your dedicated guide before the tour starts!). We will stop as many times as needed to regularly check the sky and discover more of Lapland landscapes.

At some point, we may decide to stop at one promising place and wait a bit longer. In this case, your guide will make a fire to warm you up and you will enjoy some Finnish snacks (veggie option possible). It is a good time for your guide to share all his passion and knowledge about the Northern Lights with you!

Northern Lights
Best Northern Lights Rovaniemi


The main factor to observe the Northern Lights (from Rovaniemi or anywhere else) is the weather. You need a clear sky or at least a partly clear sky to be able to see auroras.

Before the tour, we analyse the latest weather maps, forecasts and charts to find the most promising spots and plan our Northern Lights trip. Even with a cloudy sky in Rovaniemi, there is still good chance to see some Northern lights if you know where to go.

And we can promise you: we will always honestly inform you about the forecast conditions and the chance of observing the Northern lights. If the conditions are not promising, we may reschedule to another night. With the Cancellation Possibility automatically included in your booking (cf. below), you may also cancel the tour a few hours before and get refunded.


Your guide will always be equipped with a professional camera, specifically designed for low-light photography. In our opinion, this is a must-have tool and we would never imagine chasing Northern Lights without a proper camera!

Why? Because the camera captures more light than your naked eye, so it will help anticipate the “invisible” evolution of the sky and therefore allow us to make the best decisions!

And of course, pictures are always nice to keep as a souvenir! All pictures that your guide takes during the tour will be sent to you by email in high quality!

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Rovaniemi
Northern lights rovaniemi photography
Northern Lights Hunt with fire



While other companies in Rovaniemi will take you to see clouds (or even snowfalls!) knowing that you have zero chance to see auroras, our Northern Lights tour automatically includes a cancellation possibility. It allows you to cancel your Northern Lights tour a few hours before (until 14.00, local time). You will then get your ticket refunded, minus a small cancellation fee of 30€/adult and 20€/child (which will cover the administrative and banking fees).

This is a good option if the weather turns bad or if you cannot reschedule to another night.

We usually do not take the decision to cancel the tour unless the weather is really bad and unsafe. Instead, we would happily reschedule if we still have availability. Why? Because most of our guests have travelled very far, and are usually willing to take their chance: even with a challenging weather, we may find Northern Lights… We also believe that the hunting experience in the beautiful dark cold nights of Lapland is anyway worth the try and efforts!

But we also understand that you might prefer to cancel at the last moment if the weather turns out to be bad, and this is why we have included this cancellation possibility in our tour.


  • You have the possibility to request a cancellation until 14:00, local time (GMT+2). Please request it to in due time. After that, full refund is not guaranteed.
  • you will get a refund within 2-3 working days of your ticket. Please note that cancellation fees will however apply (30€/adult; 20€/child); they will be used to cover the administrative and banking fees. The refund does not cover other options nor clothes rental fees (5€) because the equipment will be reserved for you.

By allowing you to cancel a few hours before, we offer you the possibility to join the aurora tour only when the conditions are good enough. In the morning we send you our weather & solar conditions report, that will help you take your decision to go, reschedule or cancel. It will also be possible to change for another night adventure if you don’t want to waste your evening.


All our guides are experienced and have spent a lot of time exploring the immensity of Lapland, discovering new areas and chasing Northern Lights. They have a big passion for the Aurora Borealis and they are always excited to go chase them. And of course, they will always be very happy to share with you their knowledge and passion about nature here!

When chasing Northern Lights, we work as a team. We analyse the weather predictions together and discuss about the best directions to explore. We collaborate to cover large areas, and always stay in communication to inform each other. This way, we increase our chance of observing the Northern lights with you!


Northern Lights Hunt
Snowshoes by night


As we usually tell our guests before we start the trip: don’t go for the Northern Lights, go for the experience! It is indeed a memorable experience to take oneself outside into the dark cold nights of Lapland to chase the magic in the sky!

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to see the Northern Lights. No matter how hard we try, no matter of the decisions we take or the distance we drive, sometimes we also need a bit of luck. Northern Lights are an unpredictable phenomenon, and despite our long experience, there is unfortunately nothing we can do if Mother Nature decides not to offer us auroras… This is also the beauty about the Northern lights and we all have to accept it.

If you are rather reluctant to spend a lot of time in a minivan for nothing (because yes, that’s a risk!), we then recommend our snowshoeing adventure by night which allows you to get away up to an hour from Rovaniemi to explore the snowy landscapes and enjoy great viewpoints to admire and take photos of the auroras if they appear. And even on nights with no Northern lights, this active excursion (note that you must be able to hike a few kilometers!) allows you to enjoy a memorable experience!


Going for a Northern lights hunt in winter sometimes means driving for hours and/or having to wait until late in the extreme cold. Temperatures may drop to -30C, and it is common that we come back to Rovaniemi only after midnight! Moreover, the best spots to observe the horizon are usually the most exposed to the wind (frozen lakes, hilltops…)!

As you may understand, an Aurora Borealis tour in Winter is not adapted to young kids. It can easily become unconfortable, or even unsafe. This is why we do not accept on this tour children under the age of 8 years old.

If you are a family with young kids, please check our special Northern Lights family tour with photos here.This is a Northern lights hunt, that is shorter and designed for families with kids of 4 – 8 years old. 

Please note that if you decide to book for a young kid without asking us in advance, your booking is likely to be cancelled. You would be reimbursed but the cancellation fees will apply. So if you are unsure, please contact-us before, we are here to help and advise!

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Rovaniemi kid
Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Rovaniemi kid
Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Rovaniemi


Northern lights hunts always offer nights full of suprises and adventures. If actually you would like to make the most of this arctic night and offer a lovely surprise to your loved ones, please let us know! We would happily and discretly help you organise it, and could even suggest some little touches. And your guide will also be more prepared to capture the moment with his camera!

But remember! Northern Lights are never guaranteed, even if we always try everything to make it happen.

If you would like to enjoy a more intimate and tailored experience, we suggest to check our Private Northern Lights Photography Hunting, which also offers an option for a wilderness dinner. 




  • Personal aurora expert guide
  • Weather analysis
  • Hotel pickup
  • Transportation
  • Photos with professional camera
  • Snacks & hot drinks
  • Stories & explanation
  • Cancellation possibility : cancel up to a few hours before!


  • Clothes rental: Winter overalls + boots (5€/pers)


We recommend to book in advance, as availability may be very limited in peak seasons.

A minimum of 2 paying adult participants is required for the trip to operate. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if the group is too small or because of bad weather conditions.

If you are a solo traveler, you are very welcome to join any departing trip at the standard price or we may organise the trip just for you at some extra costs (please contact us).

Child prices apply only to children under 12 years old. Children must be accompanied by one adult. The child rate only apply if the conditions of two paying adult participant is met. Please note that children under 8 years old are not accepted on this tour due to safety reasons ; family with young children should join our special Northern Lights family tour. In autumn, participation of children under 8 years old may be accepted but is subject to our approval before booking – please contact us. 

Please dress appropriately according to the weather, with warm clothes, good winter boots, gloves, hats and thick socks. You may rent professional winter overalls and winter boots for an extra cost of 5€/set.

The start time mentioned in the calendar or on your ticket is only indicative. You will receive more information before the tour regarding the weather and conditions. The start time will then be adapted to the conditions (usually +/- 1h) to increase your chance.

A certain amount of walking is involved. This tour is not recommended for pregnant travelers, for people with heart conditions or with limited mobility.




  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 30€/adult and 20€/children (between 8 – 12 years old) if booking is cancelled until 14:00 (GMT +2) on the day of departure;
  • After 14:00 (GMT +2), cancellation is not guaranteed and therefore may not be refundable.



Select the number of participants, the date and time in the calendar below and follow the booking steps. Payment by credit or debit card.


If you have also any question, feel free to ask and we’ll be happy to answer you with as many details as possible. You can also write us on Whatsapp (+358(0) 40 258 20 81).


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